About Us

what Inidan Culture is and means to everyone.

Inidan Culture believes in fulfilling a dream, with determination and dedication. We are committed to helping in the community and other charitable organiziations. Such as; Donating Blood to Canadian Blood Services, Blood drives, support to St Thomas General Hospital, community service, The Salvation Army, and Helping widows and their children in India, Bangladesh and China through the CFCI. I am very proud to say, that we are in partnership with Immigration Canada and MP, Karen Vecchio’s Office to help students to get their visas and citizenship to this great country. We will not stop to try an expand this initiative to help others as well in the future. Our MPP, Jeff Yurek has graciously offered his assistance to new comers with developing small business in the community and the Province. The Inidan Culture is not all fun and games. We need donations to make all our dreams possible. Please find it in your hearts to help our and your community prosper!